Aldon Manor (farm) was established c.1690 and centralised around Aldon Farmhouse that was built in 1733.  Aldon Oasthouse, Oast Cottage, the Granary (formerly an Oast House and barn) and the Applehouse (formerly stores and tractor sheds) were collectively known as Aldon Hamlet and are mentioned in the Domesday book of 1086. The hamlet buildings were renovated into delightful homes by David Hine and Anthony Crosse in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. 

'Aldon Hamlet' the heart of Aldon Manor comprised of :
The Applehouse, The Granary,  The Oasthouse, The Oast Cottage, and Aldon Farmhouse
Aldon Manor's original main crop was originally hops, as evidenced by the amount of oast houses in the lane. When the vines were grubbed after WWII, cattle were bred and the barns, now the Granary and lounge area of the Applehouse, became animal shelters. Later on, there was hay, asparagus and since 1963, a variety of apples including Bramleys, Golden Delicious, Ida Reds, Cox's Orange Pippins and Green Sleeves. David Hine worked closely with East Malling Research Station and was the first farmer in England to grow dwarf apple trees and the Golden Delicious that are now used as pollinators for the other varieties.

Aldon Manor, now under the ownership of Anthony Crosse PhD., is embarking on a new stage of development where the latest methods of agriculture are being implemented. As well as new crops the area will be opened to 'The Friends of Aldon Manor' with free lectures, seminars and activities.

Hop workers at Aldon Manor in 1909.
In the background are the tractor sheds which now form part of The Applehouse

A tractor pulling a trailer full of hop sacks along Aldon Lane with Aldon Manor hop fields to the left.

Demolition of one of the oast roundels at The Granary

The Heart of Aldon Manor
The thatched roofs on the right were destroyed by fire in the late 1960s and were later converted into garages and subsequentl The Applehouse and The Croft.  One of the roundels of Aldon Oast House can be seen just behind a walnut tree that was tragically destroyed during the fire.

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