What happens at the Manor

Experimental Tree Varieties & Pilot Agronomic Research 
Aldon Manor has a long standing history with East Malling Research Station. All the current root stocks were obtained from the station and new varieties are being piloted with modern methods of horticulture.  Some of the acreage is planned to be set aside for a vinery and more soft fruit.

Renewable Energies: Wind & Solar
Solar panels and mini-turbines.

Eudaemonian project  Phase I - Aesclepian herbidus
At Aldon Manor we are cultivating a herb garden 'for health'.

Mens sana in corpore sano 

There are at least 30 species of birds regularly seen around the manor and it is also home to foxes, badgers, rabbits and, most recently, wild pheasants and deer.  Apart from the apple trees there are a number of wild nutritional plants bordering the orchard that include asparagus, mushrooms, damsons and blackberries. There are even a few of the ancient hop vines growing between trees and along the hedgerows. Our philosophy is to preserve and encourage all forms of life at the Manor.